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  • SHOTT - Triple Peach

  • $12.99


A bottle full of summer!
The refreshingly crisp, yet satisfyingly sweet combination of golden queen, stark red gold and white peaches creates a stunning flavour profile that will transport you back to Summer, no matter what time of year you try it.
Add to sparkling water for a unique soda or a Summer smoothie at any time of year!
Add to sparkling water for a refreshing change, or try as a delicious smoothie!



Peaches are a real treat! They come into our lives for a short time during Summer and leave before you know it. SHOTT Triple Peach concentrate captures that Summer happiness into a bottle for you to enjoy all year round!
Peach soda, Peach iced tea, Peach smoothie and Peach G&T’s can now be made at any time you like, with just one bottle of SHOTT Triple Peach!

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