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  • SHOTT - Cranberry & Lime

  • $12.99


Authentic to the intensely tart flavour of cranberries blended with sweet lime. This combination is a long time favourite of many. Cranberry and Lime makes a beautifully refreshing beverage and a great companion in the kitchen. Try adding to balsamic vinegar for a tangy dip or freezing for ice blocks in summer.


Being fresh and new is difficult when you are always on the move.
That is why you need to pick that something that can never disappoint.
SHOTT Cranberry and Lime concentrate is exactly that.
Create everyone’s favourite classic Cosmopolitan, the holiday season staple; Cranberry or branch out and invent like the Cranberry and Avocado Smoothie.
SHOTT Cranberry and Lime honours the past and invites the future.