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About West Coast Coffee


Saying that we deliver some of the finest coffee products available is a bold statement. And we stand by it!

Located just outside Portland, OR in scenic Hillsboro, West Coast Coffee is proud of our history of sourcing and roasting coffees known for their bold, rich taste. Smooth and full-bodied, our coffees are painstakingly blended and roasted to meet a variety of taste preferences. We start with hand-picked, specialty grade Arabica beans from the world’s finest growing regions, and subject the coffee to as many as 15 quality separations.

Our entire team works tirelessly to bring you the best coffee products and experiences. The benefit of our hard work translates into every coffee we offer. The result of our combined experience and expertise is that the term “Seed to Cup” is more than a convenient catchphrase for us; coffee—from the fertile ground of our farms to the velvety foam of the perfect latte—is an all-encompassing way of life. This comprehensive, inclusive understanding of the way in which coffee connects people to the environment and to each other is what allows us to offer you consistent quality with every bean and every cup.

Convection Roasting - to Produce a Bold Brew, Sustainably


Our roasting process stands out among the competition and guarantees consistent quality in every cup.

At West Coast Coffee we use convection roasters to produce higher yield, lower cost, and consistently high quality coffee. This method of roasting adds body to the coffee and mutes some of the acidity, making a bolder, richer tasting coffee.

And, our convection roasting method reduces our natural gas usage by upwards of 80% compared to conventional drum style roasters. Thus, we dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions; producing coffee is a more sustainable manner.

When you order West Coast Coffee, you can be confident your purchase is helping us all work toward a more sustainable environment, and that your coffee will arrive fresh and brewed to be bold.