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Purchase Decaf Colombian Whole Bean Coffee: 5 lb.
  • Decaf Colombian Whole Bean Coffee: 5 lb.

  • $39.99

    Like our Colombian Supremo, this coffee brings together a fruity, citrus-like aroma and subtle flavor notes of tropical fruit and milk chocolate all in a rich, decaf coffee.

  • Caffeine Level: Decaf
    Caffeine Level:
    Roast Level: Medium
    Roast Level:


Only select high-grown 100% Arabica Colombian beans make up our decaffeinated version of this choice coffee.  
Like our popular Colombian Supremo, this decaf whole bean coffee is roasted to the perfect temperature, yielding a coffee that presents the oh-so-satisfying, classic Colombian taste profile - but in a decaf! Well-balanced and medium-bodied, you'll notice notes of milk chocolate and tropical fruit.
Savor slowly to take in the floral aroma notes and perfect balance of this decaf coffee. 

Available in 12 oz. and 5 lb. Whole Bean.

Product Details

100% Arabica Specialty Coffee Beans
Milk Chocolate Tropical Fruit Citrus

Please note: Because we roast our coffee fresh each week, orders may take 4-6 business days to produce.