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Purchase Java Gold Whole Bean Coffee: 12 oz.
  • Java Gold Whole Bean Coffee: 12 oz.

  • $14.99

    It's called Gold for a reason - rich and complex, with subtle chocolate and nutty flavor notes. You'll be sure you struck gold when you taste this coffee.

  • Caffeine Level: Medium
    Caffeine Level:
    Roast Level: Medium
    Roast Level:


Roasted using only 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans.
Our roastmaster's favorite blend, the flavor of this medium roast conveys a pleasing complexity. Hints of chocolate and nutty flavor notes combine like melted gold. You'll definitely treasure the medium body and long finish of this coffee. 

Available in 12 oz Whole Bean or Ground and 5 lb. Whole Bean.

Product Details

100% Arabica Specialty Coffee Beans
Nutty Chocolate Subtle Stone Fruit